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    Me Too

    Just throwing in my two cents if it helps. Bought an Ultramax, now I begin house tours by showing guests the toilet. Looks great, works great, installation was a snap.

    As a tip for the budget...
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    Works Great

    Well if the prior posts haven't convinced you by now to buy a Drake then this one probably won't but if you are looking for a great toilet get a Drake. We bought an Ultramax from Toto and were so...
  3. Champion Toilet

    Terry I agree that information is important to have. It was in part thanks to your website we decided on the Toto Drake toilets that we love so much.

    I guess I was just wondering why the Champion...
  4. Why is Terry still sellling this toilet?

    Given the pages and pages of negative reviews about this toilet I'm curious as to why Terry is still selling this toilet. I note the Briggs Vacuity toilet is marked as Not Recommended but this one is...
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