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    If it has feet, you don't need a pad...

    The whole point of the pad is to eliminate heat loss due to direct contact with the concrete floor. If the tank has feet that are more than just dimples in the sheet metal, a pad isn't necessary....
  2. Installed one the other day...

    Customer purchased their own GB toilet at HD, then hired a plumber (me) to install it. He's obviously not the brightest bulb on the tree. Anyway, here was my impression:

    It worked better than I...
  3. Never seen one...

    But then again, I've never seen an honest politician either. Doesn't mean they don't exist though.

    There might be a designer faucet out there that is single hole tub filler. But honestly, I'd...
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    Two 1/2" valves is sufficient

    Just use two 1/2" pb valves and you'll have maximum pressure with individual temp. control.

    3/4" pb valves are only for a single temp control with multiple outlets. Therefore, in your situation,...
  5. Plumber's putty sounds time-consuming and expensive

    ...without any real gain in quality. If a toilet is properly bolted and shimmed, wax will last for decades.
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    Replace the valve...

    Sterling has an odd and poorly designed stem. It's a plastic/brass hybrid with a delta-like seal. Not surprising since it's made by Kohler (a company whom IMHO can't make a decent valve to save their...
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    Things to check...

    If the water in the toilet moves when your clothes washer is draining, then the toilet either has a blocked vent or isn't vented properly to begin with. The drainage water from the clothes washer is...
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    Have more patience

    A shower valve takes a couple minutes to empty the residual water from the shower riser, spout, etc.

    Go back to it after 15 minutes and see if it still drips.
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    Pull-out spout style faucet?

    Do you have a pull-out spout style kitchen faucet?

    If so, the culprit is the inline backflow preventer usually located at the connection point of the handheld sprayer. If you want it out, you can...
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    Water hammer arrestors....

    In the UPC (Uniform Plumbing Code) they are required on all automatic valves. In the typical house this usually means water lines supplying dishwashers, clothes washers and ice makers.

    That being...
  11. Definitely not normal...

    May want to call the city and complain. Imagine if you had been sitting on it when it sprayed out. Yuck!
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    Does hand soap corrode?

    Saw a six month old faucet today that was heavily corroding at the base. There was a fairly thick layer of "Soft Hands" hand soap at the base of the faucet. It was a Moen mini-widespread on a china...
  13. It's fine. Use it.

    It's fine. Use it.
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    Use an AAV (studor vent). They are a remodeler's...

    Use an AAV (studor vent). They are a remodeler's friend :)
  15. Yes, I agree that it's probably thermal expansion...

    Yes, I agree that it's probably thermal expansion with a PRV that has a by-pass. The surge you are hearing is the by-pass on the PRV.
  16. Call American Standard and see if they make a...

    Call American Standard and see if they make a cartridge that reverses the hot/cold. Several manufacturers do. If it turns out that they don't, you could maybe switch the lines somewhere where it is...
  17. My guess is that your pump isn't working anymore....

    My guess is that your pump isn't working anymore. The dip tube is fine if the water stays hot once it gets hot.
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    Nothing to worry about until...

    There is nothing to worry about until there is a problem, which is unlikely. It is far too much work to tear it all up just to firm up the base.
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    Studor vents

    If they are code in your area, you could use studor vents. A studor vent is device that allows air into the line when there is a vacuum (like from water falling down a pipe). Otherwise, it remains...
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    Use the Pro 45-B

    Fluidmaster makes a fill valve with a brass shank called the 'Pro 45-B' that is almost identical to the 400A. It is much more quiet.
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