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    Terry, can you help me

    I am sure I will not know the right names of these pieces.
    My husband is in the midst of installing the Toto carrillton toilet. He says he put a piece of bread into the valve or somewhere because...
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    Poll: I read that somewhere on here is a toilet paper rating for flushability

    BUt I cannot find it.
    Is it still here.
  3. Thanks Terry.

    Thanks Terry.
  4. when using unift 14 inches does the trap stay the same

    The carrollton says it has a 2 1/8 inch trap. When I buy a 14 inch unitit to put on with this toilet will I have the same trap size.

    Another question is 2 1/8 considered good trap size or is it a...
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    We were lucky. We took out cabinets in room above the washer and dryer and made a hole in drywall and found the duckwork. It was going to outside wall but not really in the cement but in the window...
  6. Jim

    The cold area coming under the door is from the bedroom that we are not using and therefore have closed all the vents so that there is no heat coming into that room. The house is old and poorly...
  7. Thank you veesubotee for your reply. Would...

    Thank you veesubotee for your reply.
    Would anyone else have an answer for me.
  8. Lowering thermostat , how much and closing vents

    I bought a home with an electric furnace. (Canada)
    I have programmed the thermastat to turn down the heat at nightime and also during the day when my husband and I are at work.
    There is one guest...
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    Thanks for the answer. Since I have no idea how...

    Thanks for the answer. Since I have no idea how the shower was built, I guess the best thing is to put in a decent fan with its own venting rather than along with dryer for now. Would you agree with...
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    Thank you for the reply.
    Can you please explain what you mean by
    Note, if the shower isn't built properly, it can retain a lot of moisture, and this could add to the problem.
    It seems to drain...
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    Need help with this exhaust problem

    I have a finsihed bathroom/laundry room in my basement.
    I have attached a sketch of room and a photo of room.
    It is about 8 feet by 8 feet by 8 ft. ceiling.
    The fan that is there now is old, noisy...
  12. Thank you . I will try to buy some today and give...

    Thank you . I will try to buy some today and give it a try.
  13. I put dishwasher soap in my rinse aid dispenser?

    I hope I have the right forum for this question.
    Tonight I wanted to add some rinse aid to my dispenser in the dishwasher and I stupidly picked up the bottle of Dawn dishwashing detergent. I filled...
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