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    Mold removal recipe

    Another recipe doesn't contain bleach:

    1/2 gal. white vinegar
    1/2 gal. hydrogen peroxide-common peroxide available from your *********
    1 cup boric acid

    More instructions in this thread on the...
  2. Thanks Rosy! We finally picked the Drake. We...

    Thanks Rosy!

    We finally picked the Drake. We decided to get rid of the electric baseboard below the tank. I hope that we will like our Toto seat a bit more than you have! Good luck with the other...
  3. Drake is beautiful

    We picked it because of its quality, efficiency and since we have a 11.25 inches rough-in.
    But we had no idea how good-looking it was until we got it at home.

    It's so much more beautiful than...
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    Terry's new picture

    His new picture is... Terryfic!

    (pun intended, please forgive me)

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    Open or not open... that is the question

    Thanks Jadnashua!

    Since we have to order our toilet a.s.a.p. and that we don't know yet which Toto seat is most stable, we're gonna pick it based on FiancÚ's preferences:

    1. Pictures seem to...
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    Toto seats attachments bolts & lateral movement

    Thanks Terry, for that many boys, it really makes sense!

    In the following post, Jadnashua has suggested to add a collar in order to reduce the seat lateral movement.
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    Answer on The Toilet Museum

    I found this on The Toilet Museum Web site

    The open front toilet seats afford the users more sanitary conditions and a greater sense of comfort than their residential closed-front cousins. The...
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    Open front seat - purpose

    What's the purpose of an open front seat?

    1) It's for commercial toilets, and there most be a reason why?

    I got the part that an elongated seat is better for adult men. ;-)

    As for open...
  9. Testing the problematic toilet

    Ok jadnashua,

    I'll suggest these tests to our neighboors, since they are the ones with the real toilet sweating problem! ;)

    And many thanks for having tempered my fears about the wall fan...
  10. Why talk about heating in this toilet thread

    Should I "close" this thread since it's no longer about looking for a toilet that can accomodate an electric baseboard below its tank?

    I've been suggested to open a new thread re our bathroom...
  11. Exhaust fan, wall fan heater position

    Thanks jadnashua!


    We will test our current exhaust fan (which I mistakenly named "ventilator" in my previous posts) and will determine if it's strong enough for our bathroom size.
  12. Heater choice + tank sweating prevention

    Now we have a new concern: we need to pick the proper toilet and-or the proper heater in order to prevent sweat on the tank.

    We are torn between the Toto Drake and the Toto Ultimate, which costs...
  13. Infrared heater

    Thanks jadnashua for your quick answer about linking infrared heater to a thermostat!

    Someone we know told us that the infrared lights (not panels) cost a lot and if they are linked to a...
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    Bolt down lid

    Hello Sulfur,

    I found your thread since I'm wondering about lined tanks too... It's been quite a while since you posted your question, but in case someone else is looking for the same information,...
  15. Other thread about baseboard

    I hadn't noticed this existing thread, since when I started "mine", I didn't know yet the English word for "plinthe Úlectrique". In other words, I had not searched for "baseboard"...

    Here you go:...
  16. Heater below tank vs. infrared or towels heater

    Yeah, I agree with you, mattbee24 and jadnashua:

    a heater below a toilet tank is not a great configuration. But then again: it's been there since 20 years...

    BUT THEN AGAIN: That might explain...
  17. Search results

    Here are some comments about the Toto Dalton, that I have found on this forum.

    1) Is it good?

    Very good, it seems so:

    - "The Dalton is a good value for the money, better than Cimarron and...
  18. Searching in the forum

    jadnashua, you're right, I forgot to search for "dalton" (not "drake") !

    Shame on me, especially since I usually search like crazy.

    Thanks for your reminder!
  19. Toto Dalton toilet review, owner comments and pictures

    Dalton with very wide floor molding behind the bowl.

    Hi all,

    Any owner or plumber feedback?

    - Is it good, despite it's "only" a...
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    Crane Economiser - seeking feedback

    Hi all,

    This toilet is on Terry's list. But there is not much posts about it on the forum.

    Any owner or plumber feedback?

    - Is it good?
    - Good bowl wash?
    - How about splashing?
    - And...
  21. Lenght available: yep, we have verified this, the...

    Lenght available: yep, we have verified this, the thing is, the toilet is "in sandwich" between the bathtub and the vanity. Extremely close to both.

    Because of this, if we want to replace the...
  22. Position of electric baseboard

    Behind the toilet, below the tank.

    I had written "in the back (the part that would touch the wall)", but I forgot to say where it was, horizontally.

    Thanks for asking, geniescience! :o
  23. Toilets with space for an electric baseboard

    Hi all,

    We'd love to buy a Toto, but if we do so, we'll probably have to remove our electric baseboard, replace our vanity, replace the floor tiles, etc. On top of hiring an electrician... You...
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    Alvarto, I indeed haven't found this...


    I indeed haven't found this information anywhere neither... Thankfully, I wrote "might" in my post title! ;) But I should have written "deducted" instead of "learned". Sorry, English is...
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    Duravit White might be Toto Cotton White

    From what I have learned so far... ;)
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