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  1. Good Advice

    I appreciate all the info on possible problems with the limited space. As much as I want to get the Ultramax II, I don't think we want to take a chance. (At least my husband doesn't.) Is there a...
  2. Thank you.

    Thank you, JadNashua. Good point! How much clearance would you suggest I have in order to replace a part within the tank? Any other toilet you'd suggest for great water-saving and good looks...
  3. Space Needed to Lift/Remove Tank Lid On Toto UltraMax II (Gwyneth 1-piece)

    Hi. I want to buy a one-piece Toto UltraMax II to replace an old toilet that sits under a narrow ("banjo") extension of a vanity countertop. I need to find out whether a 1/2" clearance is sufficient...
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