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  1. Machinist Round pipe dies vs Racheting Pipe Dies

    I want to ask about pipe dies for home use. To use dies occassionally to clean up threads on fittings....whether it be for gas or water line. Cleaning up threads on black pipe, galvanized, brass or...
  2. Empire Heater Propane RH65, pilot wont stay lit

    Can anyone help with this?

    We have an Empire RH65, propane, B-vent heater. We depress the off/pilot/on control knob and light the pilot. As soon as the pilot knob is released, the pilot flame goes...
  3. Pex Crimp rings or Clamp rings....Which Preferred ?

    Since I am new to pex...and just a homeowner...I figured I'd ask which pex fastener is preferred.

    Do you like the solid copper Crimp rings or the stainless Clamp rings?

    Is there a time when you...
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    Bradford White serial number Mystery

    The tank model is MINS30T6LX13.
    The serial number is BD6142865.

    Is this thing a 1985 or a 2005?
    It is a 30 gallon, "tall" propane with a side feed cold inlet and a top exit for the hot.

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    Anode rods...Magnesium vs Aluminum

    I actually ordered a spare anode rod for future replacement in my new 30 gallon electric hot water tank. (I had replaced one before in the previous tank. )

    But I never know what material is the...
  6. Pex ring removal tool (Sharkbite 23055) Adjustable or not?

    I am new to pex tools (I am just a homeowner) but am buying some for working on friends mobile home water lines.

    OK..... so I buy the 23055 pex ring remover tool at one Home Depot store. Then I...
  7. 2 Gallon Expansion Tanks...Hot water VS Well expansion tank

    Can anyone solve this mystery for me? When it comes to putting a 2 gallon thermal expansion tank on a hot water heater, can a person opt to use a 2 gallon well pressure expansion tank?

    What is the...
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