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  1. You are correct about critical chain adjustment....

    You are correct about critical chain adjustment. I thought that I had all the slack out but was able to move one more link (less slack) and now it works. Thanks to you for your help and to Terry for...
  2. Cadet 3 Flapper (Korky)

    Thanks Terry. I should have been more specific -- the toilet will not clear waste unless you hold the lever down. I have adjusted the chain with the minimum of slack.
  3. Korky Cadet 3 flapper

    I experienced the problem with blisters on the flapper casket last year and AS sent new flappers (I have two Cadet 3's). The replacements developed the same problem after several months. I have been...
  4. Replies

    AS Cadet3 flapper

    Based largely on comments posted on this forum, I installed two Cadet 3"s in April '07. I'm happy with the flush -- old AS toilets unreliable. After a few months I noticed that the toilet refills at...
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