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    If you have a Whirlpool unit especially the smart...

    If you have a Whirlpool unit especially the smart water heater this a problem they have. According to the Whirlpool tech's they swet..LOL rotflmao....that is right they swet a normal occurance even...
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    main line replacement

    I will remove all the galvanized line from the house connection to the meter at the street. House has copper at the shut off to all inside. I am most certain the meter has galvanized from it to the...
  3. Sticky: Whirlpool smart flamelock water heater

    Maybe this might shed some light on whirlpool or not but recently i purchased a whirlpool smart flame lock water heater 50 Gal. I noticed that the piolet would go out after a few days. I watched as i...
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    Main Line replacement

    I want to replace my Main Water Line myself. The current Line is 50+ years old and is galvanized pipe (3/4"). I Live in Southern Ca so frost is not an issue and the run is about 35' to 40'. I wanted...
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