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    Ideal Sump Crock Location?

    I am contemplating a footing drain design for our existing basement to relieve hydrostatic pressure, however the limitations I am working against include very few options for placement of the sump...
  2. No input????

    Hmmm. . . I might be getting close to some kind of a record--The thread with the most views and no replies.:D:(
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    Silicone is not a good idea. Mirrors are usually...

    Silicone is not a good idea. Mirrors are usually mounted with a mastic which is designed specifically for that purpose. Being a glass installer myself, I would highly recommend for you to consult...
  4. Basement Drainage System Idea--NEED SERIOUS INPUT!!!

    We have a basement water seepage problem which seems to occur predominately during the spring thaw timeframe. Prior to finishing the basement 3 years ago, I did work with gutters, grading, etc,...
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