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  1. Mobile Home Shower Drain Installation Question

    I've been helping my brother with one of his rental properties. My brother has to repair two leaking shower drains in one of his mobile homes. When installing the new drains should he use silicone or...
  2. Buying a Toto Drake CST744SL; Best Replacement Fill Valve?

    Hello. I'll be purchasing a Toto Drake and in my research learned that the fill valve is not the best that it could be. Should I put in a Korky 528MP or a Fluidmaster 400A when the toilet is...
  3. None of the three switches were labeled "on/off."...

    None of the three switches were labeled "on/off." They may be single pole with 2 power taps.
  4. Thanks for quick inputs. I did not take note of...

    Thanks for quick inputs. I did not take note of whether the switches were labeled on/off.
  5. Self-Contained Switches/Receptacles in Mobile Home

    I'm helping my brother repair a mobile home and it is wired with self-contained switches/receptacles (14-2). In several areas we had to replace the sheet rock and thus installed new-construction gang...
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    Questions About Wiring Shop Lights

    I want to hang 2-3 8' fluorescent strip lights in my shop located 40' from the house. I want to power the shop lights (on rare occasions) by running an extension cord (on the ground and in good...
  7. The blower motor was bad.

    The blower motor was bad.
  8. Merry Christmas everyone! I'm helping my...

    Merry Christmas everyone! I'm helping my sister-in-law with this issue. I'll try to find out what the amp draw was according to the repairman. No one available til Tuesday. She said they got the...
  9. What would cause a gas furnace to draw too many amps?

    What would cause a gas furnace to draw too many amps?
  10. Short Duct Run to Bathroom Has Little to No Air Flow

    I have a 3' straight duct run from the main trunk in a mobile home to a bathroom. It just does not have any air moving throuh it! How can I vastly improve the air flow into the bathroom?

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    Answer: It does not matter What does matter is...

    Answer: It does not matter
    What does matter is where you place the return air.
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    Proximity of Return Air Grill to Damper

    It won't be long until I'm ready to have my self-contained AC condenser unit installed. I will install the return air grill in the floor and the damper underneath the main trunk.

    1. The manual...
  13. Can Someone Offer Me Some Do's and Don'ts for Mobile Home DWV Plumbing

    I'm renovating a mobile home and have pulled out all the plumbing. I am seeking advice on replumbing the DWV system. I have taken pictures. I have also moved some fixtures around. Can someone offer...
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    GFCI Outlet Questions

    I'm remodeling a Mobile Home (MH) and have a couple of GFCI outlet questions.

    Q1: After locating the outlet at the BEGINNING of outlets wired in series, and finding the LINE for the beginning...
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    Force of Air Moved by Fireplace Blower

    My fireplace blower, when on, barely seems to move the heated air from the fireplace and into the room. I was expecting the air to be as forceful as when coming out of your car vents. Am I wrong to...
  16. Thanks Gary. Can I find this information...

    Thanks Gary. Can I find this information underneath the tank lid?
  17. Mobile Home Toilet Still Runs with New Flapper Installed

    I have a mobile home toilet that still runs even after installing a new flapper. If I press down on the new flapper the water quits running into the bowl. I've cleaned the edge where the flapper...
  18. Insulating CPVC Plumbing Pipes and PEX Questions

    Q1: What is the best product to use when insulating CPVC pipes under a mobile home?
    Q2: If it is the rigid foam pipe sleeves sold at Home Depot, can the hot and cold pipes be insulated all the way...
  19. Can We Start a "FIREPLACE" Segment in the Forums?


    Is it possible for you to start a "FIREPLACE" segment in the forums? Being winter time, may folks may have questions/issues about their gas or real fireplace.

    I have a Monessen BDV36 (?)...
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    Which Cutoff Tool Should I Purchase for...

    ...removing particle board flooring from a mobile home. I'll have to remove this crap from underneath sill plates and am trying to decide on the right tool for the job to cut off nails. Should I get...
  21. Convert Mobile Home to Central Air; Have Central Heat

    What size outdoor compressor should I get for a 14' x 66' MH? I already have central heat. I have always heard the rule is 1 ton of unit for every 600 sf. of heated and cooled living space. I will...
  22. New to the Forum; First Post; Distance Allowed for Mobile Home Feeder Wire

    Hello all! This is my first post of many to come. I'm a fairly handy DIY'er. These internet forums are so helpful in learning and saving money, but most importantly, making well-informed decisions....
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