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    Thanks John and Gary for your replies. Caulking...

    Thanks John and Gary for your replies. Caulking and leaving the back of the bowl open makes lots of sense and using latex caulk in this application makes sense also.
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    Sealing Toilet Bottoms


    I just bought an American Standard toilet and the instructions say to put a bead of sealant around the toilet base and then turning it over and installing the toilet. I would think that doing...
  3. Installing a Toilet flange on porcelain tile floor

    I'm redoing my bathroom DIY except for the floor. I have a wooden subfloor that I will have porcelain tiles and backerboard installed on. Is it standard practice to mount the toilet flange on top of...
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    Replacing a Cast Iron tub drain.


    I have a cast iron tub that I am trying to install the new drain in the attached drawing. The old openings in the tub are 2" diameter. The new drain I bought is 1 1/2" diameter. Are there any...
  5. Bath tub waste & overflow drain installation.

    I purchased a drain like the one in the link below and it only came with a part diagram. Does anyone know the proper methods and sequence for it's installation? Does anyone know where I can find a...
  6. Plumbers - Valve Choice for replacement valves.


    I am going to replace some 30 yo shower faucets with kits from the same company. I figure that there will be no compatibility problems that way. I have a choice of using compression valves...
  7. Thanks Jimbo, I checked Union Brass's Web site...

    Thanks Jimbo,

    I checked Union Brass's Web site and you appear to be correct.

    From what direction should rocking the handle back and forth be done. Is there a good method to avoid damaging...
  8. Identity and help on removal of handles


    I'm trying to identify the handles in the photos. They are about 30 yrs. old and have never been removed. I was able to remove the screws with PB Blaster but can't get the handles off. I've...
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