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    thanks for the reply

    Useful posts I've checked them out and you are right...its up to the city if its ok or not
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    Can Shark bite fittings be used on Pex?

    Just want to know if it is to code to use Shark bite fittings here in California
  3. you guys are good...

    Makes sense the condensate accumulation is not something noritz or anyone else wants running back to unit.

    thanks for the posts
  4. thanks for reply

    After much research yes your are right using any recirculated water with this tankless will cut warranty 7 years. However, the warranty does state if only potable, non recirculated water is used -...
  5. On Noritz Tankless why can first vertical run of vent be 3' or less?

    Installing Noritz 931 and read the first vertical run cannot exceed 3'..if you add a horizontal section and then go vertical again that ok.

    Any reason for this...does too much vertical venting...
  6. installing noritz 931

    Just read the post about rannai....

    I like the idea of adding a small tanked water heater on the recirculated loop.

    That seems like best idea

    Unless you guys (or gals) have other ideas
  7. installing tankless with recirculating hot water

    Any tips on where to install hot water recirculation pump...mfg. directions make it complicated
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    hard to find

    I appreciate the feedback.. I could cut pipe and transition to abs, but that requires a hole in ceiling. It would be easier to sweat a new 3" flange.

    Plumbing supply has never heard of 3' flange...
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    3" copper closet flange

    Yes, this house has all copper sewer lines. I need to find a 3'" closet flange in copper.

    Are they out there?


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    water heater installation

    A condominium here in california needs an electric water heater replaced. THe water heater is in a closet in the middle of the kitchen with no drain reachable. This condo was built in 50's. Only way...
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