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  1. Thanks HJ: So basically if I read your comment...

    Thanks HJ:

    So basically if I read your comment correctly, I might change what you said to "I'm moving the wall under the right hand eave 'upward' ". Does that make sense?

    In the bottom two...
  2. Not quite sure I get it. So are you saying vent...

    Not quite sure I get it.
    So are you saying vent has to be highest spot in drain system?
    And yet I have to have a vent near toilet before anything upstream?
    So does that mean I need two vents?
  3. Thanks! Here's more info and pics

    Thanks guys! It's nice to have some of the forum heavies weigh in.

    Honestly I kind of confused myself with those posts, and had to get back to my laptop with the InDesign files...
    So including...
  4. Anyone with a suggestion how to do this?

    Here's a diagram of what i am talking about and what I want to do - have the WC directly above the current main drain.
    With only 3" empty space above drain pipe.
  5. Connect toilet directly over main drain. 3" clearance under subfloor to top of drain.

    I've checked out this site for almost a year here and there and finally joined today. I've searched a lot for an answer to this but the Q is pretty specific. (and more to come no doubt).
    Goal: ...
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