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  1. Wanted old/defective control module for a Triangle Tube boiler

    Looking for a control module just to play with. Expect that it will not
    be working. Does TT rebuild these and collect the old ones or are
    they trashed. Will pay a few $$ to make it worth while.
  2. Thanks for your reply. I never thought about...

    Thanks for your reply. I never thought about the output being only 134K. I was thinking 170BTU in 154BTU out but that is at a much higher water temperature. I ran the boiler this morning and...
  3. Prestige Solo 175 boiler not making temp with all zones on.

    Found this website and looking for help with my Prestige 175 boiler. I recently moved into that house that had an older forced air oil burner and several propane wall units. The house is...
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