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    I have installed vapor barrier - a 4mil...

    I have installed vapor barrier - a 4mil polyethylene sheet. Hardie is cut with Fein diamond blade - not too much dust, however always cut it outdoors and wear a dust mask. Many thanks for all posts.
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    Hardibacker install around bath tub

    I am installing 1/2" hardibacker cement board (Hardiebacker 500) around bath tub. I have read somewhere on other forums about leaving 1/8" gap between sheets to compensate for an expansion. However,...
  3. Grohe Grohsafe 35015 Universal Pressure Balance Rough - In Valve

    Greetings from TX. I've been lurking on this site for weeks, finally have some question. Search didn't answer my question.

    How did you install this valve?

    1. When CxC should I be worry about...
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