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    Shower valve identification

    I would like to identify a shower valve, installed about 1982.
    My guess is that it is a ceramic disc variety; no leaks in 30 years.
    But the trim is starting to tarnish, and I would like the...
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    Moen plaster guard

    The plaster guard does indeed serve a use. There is a gasket on the back of the circular chrome trim which needs to butt up against something firm
    to create a good seal. Without the firm fit, the...
  3. Yeah, I got that stem too

    I maintain an apartment with a dozen of those old American Standard shower valves.
    I have replaced stems many times, always able to stop the drips.
    Only infrequently have I had to replace the...
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    I have the same problem

    Look familiar?:


    But in my case, the end of the diverter stem is just metal; no washer or seal. I suspect...
  5. I got the seat out

    I did indeed get the seat out, using the standard cheap seat tool and smacking it a bit with a hammer to get it to bite into the seat (which created enough purchase to torque out the seat). Put in a...
  6. Not so fast

    My verdict was premature. If there is just a small amount of pressure, all is fine. But normal folks turn on hot and cold with plenty of flow, then want to adjust for temperature. In that case,...
  7. Update on diverter repair

    My attempt to remove the seat was futile; the seat would not budge. I decided to eliminate the diverter entirely; I cut off the end of the diverter, then put it
    (minus the barrel) back in the...
  8. Removing old diverter stem

    The comments in this thread have helped. I was able to remove the diverter stem, but only after much trepidation.A bit of wasted water from the tub spout during showers is a minor issue; wrecking...
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