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    So Terry , how do you like the Double Cyclone? ...

    So Terry , how do you like the Double Cyclone? Talked to my Toto rep today, seems Toto will be promoting more Cyclone models in the future. Also learned that most one-piece models and the Sana...
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    flush map

    ada height gives better flush rating, waterfall-gravity= better flush/ Dalton has small 2" flapper opening, Drake has 3" opening, you want height? raise flange and build toilet on a pedestal , you'll...
  3. toto aquia I

    Toto LA, So. Cal, told me in the future that the Aquia 1 may be discontinued, and only carry II and III, cleaner design, quieter, easier install. I and II same price, # III shipping in 5-6...
  4. make it work

    reposition the mounting flange, reposition the bolts, change flange to offset, ??
  5. New Aquia's to be released soon , I and II

    and what about the Toto Eco Gwyneth in Sanagloss??
    Customer had returned a MS974224CFG - Guinevere™ Toilet - SanaGloss, claimed to be too noisy. Must have been the water going through...
  6. Dalton vs Drake = a stripped V8 vs a loaded V8!

    Dalton is a low end ADA. You get less for the $$, spend the extra, get a Drake 1.6 or 1.2, with G-Max/E-Max- (same thing) and if you can spend the extra get the Drake in Sana-Gloss, and FEEL THE...
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    drake eco

    Drake Eco vs Drake= same bowl, different tank 1.28 vs 1.6, same flush GMax. Emax = 1.28 gal. Aquia 1.28 dual flush .9-1.6. the women approve of the Aquia, no pedestal to clean, different mounting. A...
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    toto aquia is in short supply

    Seems that Toto USA is 5 months away from shipping Aquia's to So. CA.
    Dixieline Lumber is a retailer in San Diego+Murietta and are unable to get them from their supplier. I have 20 on order. Toto...
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