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    Moen M Pact 3330 vs Hansgrohe Ibox

    I am a DIYer finishing a basement. I will soon be doing the rough in plumbing for the bathroom and I would like to have a dual shower head system with one fixed wall shower head and one fixed...
  2. Thanks for the quick reply guys. I am not on a...

    Thanks for the quick reply guys. I am not on a septic tank (I am on county/city sewer system). I am sorry to sound ignorent, but what is the need for adding a clean out below the connection at the...
  3. Question about plumbing a wet bar sink in basement

    I am planning on adding a wet bar sink (with garbage disposal and dishwasher) during my basement finishing project. The location of the wet bar will be on the same wall as the stubbed bathroom group...
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