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    PEX and Air Chambers

    Chicago suburb, Lake County, and PEX is allowed here. We follow the Illinois Plumbing Code, with a few local amendments that aren't applicable to this issue.

    The local Plumbing Inspector says...
  2. Yeah, you're right Cacher. Real plumbers use...

    Yeah, you're right Cacher. Real plumbers use lead, since the word plumber came from plumbium, the Latin word for lead.

    Maybe the terms need to be updated. How about "cuprer" from the Latin...
  3. Searched for PEX on this site and came up empty

    This is strange. I typed "PEX" (without the quotation marks) in the search line and it came back with 0 results. And I just posted a post with PEX in it. I did a search on polyethylene and saw...
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    Manifold size vs Supply size

    Hello all, this is my first post here.

    I am doing a gut/remodel of a house built in 1942 or so. I have ripped out all the galvanized supply piping and will replace it with PEX.

    The water...
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