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  1. EcoFlush="most silent-flush system in the world today"

    There's a footnote on the MaP report which states that the Gerber Ultra Dual-Flush, Mansfield EcoQuantum, and Zurn EcoVantage models use pressure-assist technology from WDI International, so it's not...
  2. Good point. You can listen to an actual flush of...

    Good point. You can listen to an actual flush of the 1.6 gpf Gerber Ultra Flush at http://gerberonline.com/fileLib/flush[1].wav, BUT, where should I set the sound level for accurate playback? It...
  3. Could this be the quietest pressure-assist toilet out there?

    I'm shopping toilets A-Z and now I'm considering a dual flush Zurn. On paper their pressure-assist EcoVantage models look pretty good. Zurn claims that it's "revolutionary design makes EcoVantage one...
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    The tie-wrap was the culprit


    Actually, the rubber part looks like it will be reusable. I just need a tie-wrap that will stay tied to secure the rubber seal to the unifit...
  5. TOTO Carrollton water spot = TOTO Drake water spot?

    I'm probably getting pretty anal here, but where else could one even think of asking such a question?

    One would think the TOTO Carrollton and TOTO Drake are close cousins since they both use...
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    Unifit to be tied: nasty leak from a TOTO

    First-time poster here. Our TOTO Carrollton has developed an unpleasant leak. I pulled it out this afternoon thinking there might be a problem with the wax flange seal, but I'm pretty sure the...
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