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  1. Round bowl in elongated box

    I went out to install an elongated Cadet 3 toilet in Seattle yesterday.
    I got out to the job, vacuumed the water out of the old toilet, and removed it to the plumbing van.
    I then carried in the...
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    The Jet Sat. Jan 26th

    Hey all! This Jamie Terrys' son. My band Out From Underneath will be performing at The Jet in Mill creek this Saturday Jan. 26th!


    Cover is only $5.00 and we'll be...
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    The tank for that is the ST743SR, which we have...

    The tank for that is the ST743SR, which we have in stock in the Seattle area. This will fit on any of the Toto Drake models.
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    Poll: Problem with toilet paper? Toilet Paper Poll

    Has anyone else noticed that some toilet paper can cause plugging and poor flushing performance from even the top models. :confused:

    In my many years of toilet repair and installation I have...
  5. Sticky: Installing a Toto Drake CST744 or CST454CEFG 2-piece toilet written by Jamie Love

    Hey there everyone! I am Terry's son Jamie.

    Installing a Toto CST744S toilet or TOTO CST454CEFG instructions by Jamie Love

    I install hundreds of these a year so I have some quick and easy...
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