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    lonnythe plumber

    Lonny, I am from Hutchinson and I am licenced in Witchita. I do a lot of pipe bursting in the big city.
    Maybe we can meet some time
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    rough-in measurements

    you can go to your public library and get a beginners book on plumbing dimentions. also you may find it on the web. If in doubt buy all your fictures and install as per manufactures recomendations....
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    3" stub

    The 3" pipe (using the UPC code is probably a wet vent as it will probably pick up the lav. But the UPC calls for a 2" vent on the toilet. so then that means the 1-1/2 vent from the ceiling is too...
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    house trap

    I have installed many a house trap on long Island. Suffolk county required them. What a pain. All they do is prevent oder from the city main or septic system to come back into the house if you have a...
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    repair 2"

    Terry is correct and they also make a special drill that will drill out the fitting. I do pipe lining and I could fix this from the outside mixing my epoxy and using a patch of liner material.
  6. 2nd story bath

    all the waste and drain lines from the second floor need to tie into the waste line below the first floor bath. change the 3x2 san tee (horizontal) and use a 3x2 y instead. I can't tell if you...
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    second toilet

    Are you saying that you want to add a second toilet on the second floor along with the first toilet that is on the second floor which is on the other side of the wall? If so yes you can cut a 4x3 y...
  8. black in toilets

    well after reading all these threads I would say that it is the supply tube that supplys the water to the tank. I have that problem in my shop on city water. I used a bif braided water supply tube....
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    pump pressure

    You say you have little pressure? If you install a 40/60 pressure switch shut down the well (electric) and get the pressure down to zero. Install a new pressure guage to make sure you have correct...
  10. check valve

    You can try installing a check valve on the cold water inlet to the water heater. This would require an expansion tank. Maybe you already have an expansion tank? If it sounds full it is a bad tank....
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    Full septic tank

    To start:
    You need to dig up your septic tank and pump it out. you will probably find that the tank will get full again in a few days. this is saying your laterials will probably need changing....
  12. You may have a mixing valve that is allowing the...

    You may have a mixing valve that is allowing the water to mix and cross into the cold side. You don't say if you have a boiler with a coil in it. It could be a bad stem in a single lever faucet....
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    fluidmaster Ballcock

    I had a fluidmaster ballcock split on the shank where it is threaded for the supply tube nut. :mad: The toilet was installed two yrs ago.It made a mess and ruined a beautiful oak wood floor in a log...
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