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  1. With regard to that expansion tank. It's about 5...

    With regard to that expansion tank. It's about 5 years old and much larger than the specs for the water heater that I have (It's an Amtrol ST-12 and I have a 50 gallon gas heater). When I replaced...
  2. House plumbing chatters when used w/ irrigation on

    I had an irrigation system installed by a local professional in June of this year. If I turn on any plumbing in the house while the sprinklers are running my pipes in the house will start chattering...
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    I've got the same problem in SC - did you fix it?

    I noticed that nothing had been posted in a week or so, but I'm real interested in how this turned out. My scenario was just like yours (almost to the letter). I also had an irrigation system...
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