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  1. HJ, please explain further


    Thanks for replying...could you please explain a bit further.

    The power is coming in at the switch, and then out to the first can, and then daisy-chained. All the blacks to blacks and...
  2. Chasing short on newly installed light circuit (also newly drywalled)

    I have power to the switch, but the moment I touch it to the load side of the lights (8 daisy chained cans), sparks and breaker pops.

    Before I accuse the drywaller of putting a screw through the...
  3. Replies

    Deck railing optios


    I just added a huge deck to the house (5000+ sqft) and didn't really consider what I was going to do railing-wise. I got bids for various component railing systems that range from...
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