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  1. If your going to compare ProBite to a plastic...

    If your going to compare ProBite to a plastic push connect that is not quite fair that would be like comparing apples with oranges! All you have to do is have the two type of products in your hands...
  2. Spammer?

    No Redwood, sorry I really just thought it might be useful information for someone with this problem.

    Not everyone in this world has ulterior motives.

  3. I found this article after I read about your problem, I hope it helps.....

    Kitec Brass Pipe and Fittings Lawsuits

    Class action lawsuits have been filed against the manufacturers of "Pex" pipe and "brass fittings" used in residential construction: Zurn-Pex has been sued,...
  4. Replies

    Another choice

    There is another product you could use as well and that is COPRO Quick connection fittings they unlike Sharkbite are repairable and full flow which sharkbite is not and they are also made of...
  5. Thread: shark bite

    by donnagvia

    Sharkbite no Copro yes

    There is quick connection fittings out there that you can trust I have used Copro fittings in my home and business and have been very happy with them. First off they are a full flow unit which...
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