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    Why is my drain vent so tall?

    My vent pipe is very high.... about 7 feet tall.... to high to see if there is a nest or something that needs clearing near the top. Its of PVC.

    Does it need to be so tall?

    I am thinking of...
  2. Can you reuse brass fitting when working with PEX

    Maybe this is obvious to some, but I want to be sure to avoid headaches in the future...

    I want to replace a valve in a PEX run, and plan on removing the existing valve by removing the PEX by...
  3. Thanks... That make sense. I didn't realize...

    Thanks... That make sense. I didn't realize there were two breakers.... but there are two labeled as water heater... I was thinking the labels were wrong ;)
  4. Help Afraid of Burning out water heater elements during water shutdown

    I have bad leaking faucet in the tub of hot water. I need to shut the water off.

    The only water cut off is BEFORE the electric water heater.

    I can turn the water heater off at the panel, but I...
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