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  1. Humidifer wiring causes sheet metal click noise - is it solinoid?

    When my humidifier is hooked up the furnace makes a sheet metal echo click when it turns on and off. Furnace salesman came out and we disconnected the wires at the solinoid and it no longer makes...
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    Is furnace "circuit portection device" needed?

    I read in my new furnace installation manual that: “It is recommended that furnace be provided with a separate “circuit protection device” electric current.”

    My old furnace had a fuse in a box...
  3. Furnace click on and off noise from basement to upstairs through ductwork

    My new high efficiency furnace makes a sheet metalic echo-like ckick sound that I hear upstairs when the thermostat comes on and goes off.

    The installer told me during installation they do not...
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