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  1. will be buying either Vespin II or Drake II double cyclone- question about toto websi

    I will be being a Vespin II double cyclone or Drake II double cyclone , a 2 piece toilet

    I noticed on the Toto website

    here specifically...
  2. thanks 2 things: 1) will the Drake 2 and...

    thanks 2 things:

    1) will the Drake 2 and Vespin 2 (w/ double cyclone, 1.2) have good flushing power as well as cleaning? better than the Clayton 1.6 Gmax??

    2) and finally, the Clayton Gmax is...
  3. I have a Clayton GMAX- looking to buy either DRAKE 2 or Vespin 2 with sanagloss

    Hi I currently have a Clayton GMAX with 1.6... I am looking at the DOUBLE CYLCONES- either the Drake 2 or Vespin 2 with Sanagloss, I guess the only diff between the two is that the trap is closed.
  4. problem, just installed Champion (A.Standard) and it is very lopsided.. please help

    I just installed a Champion toilet.. The floor is level... The toilet is to lopsided.. When you look at it you can see how it is lopsided.. The floor is level. My old toilet never looked this...
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