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  1. How do you ream the pipe. Is this done before or...

    How do you ream the pipe. Is this done before or after threading? Is this done manually or is it part of the threading machine?

    Also is it necessary to remove cutting oil from threads before dope...
  2. How to Hang Black Pipe or Lay on Ceiling Joists

    Its getting cold here in Texas. This past summer I had new furnace installed but decided to wait until the fall to have gas installed. Now its turning into winter and getting cold. I have a 2500 sq...
  3. Attic Remodel-No Plumbing-Where oh where to run 3" sewer

    Ok. I am back again.

    I am adding a bathroom off of a gameroom upstairs. The bathroom will be built in existing attic space. I have water, hot and cold, but no 3" sewer line. I have three full...
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    What type of fittings will be needed?

    Ok. If I excavate and expose the pipe junction from toilet to vent to main drain, then look toward tying the upstairs 3 in. line to this junction, what type of fitting or fittings shoule I use?

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    Adding Bathroom in Attic-Wet Vent?

    I am adding a bathroom in my attic. Currently no plumbing. I have consulted with licensed plumber who suggested I drop a 3 in. line down the wall over an existing downstairs bathroom. Currently there...
  6. Proceeding As Follows

    I will contract with a licensed plumber to find the best way to tie into main line. This job is more than a diyer can handle. Thanks for all your input.

  7. That didnt make sense-Cutting Concrete

    Sorry I am a little slow in the AM. Anyway, what I meant to say, does anyone have experience notching the side of a concrete slab to allow for the stub out of the 3" sewer line below brick line. If I...
  8. Cutting Concrete

    If I drop my 3" stack down an exterior wall, cut the sole plate, notch the edge of the slab say 4" and stub out just below the brick it would allow the pipe to exit the building underground, albeit...
  9. Attic Remodel-No Plumbing, Best Way to Add DWV

    I am adding two bathrooms upstairs in my attic. Anyone know best approach to add waste stack 3" to a 2nd floor where no waste line currently exists? All bathrooms plumbing is downstairs in three...
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