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  1. Thanks Jim, Great tips in those situations. I...

    Thanks Jim,
    Great tips in those situations. I should have been more clear on my scenario. I am re-plumbing the home from the basement so it is all the main trunk lines that run horizontal. I want...
  2. Securing Pex and Valves to Joists?

    Is it common to install shut off valves in a residential plumbing setup between pex tubing without a support of some sort, or is it a better practice to try to install the valves onto a joist?

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    Thanks for the responses. I know where my cover...

    Thanks for the responses. I know where my cover plate is, but never actually opened it and looked inside. I just called and they said they will come out and turn it off, and back on without too...
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    Key to Shut Off Water at Street?

    Is this the key I would use to shut the water off at the street valve?

    Is this the standard type that most cities use, or do they have a...
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    BrassCraft valves reliable?

    Home Depot sells BrassCraft valves. I want to get some 1/4 turn valves for under my sink and stuff.

    Are they reliable? Or should I head to the plumbing supply instead and buy what they have?
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