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  1. I finally found the same fixture online, but it...

    I finally found the same fixture online, but it is out of stock at the only place I can locate it. This is what was installed and why I need to try and find the 6" spacing replacement....
  2. I am not following your suggestion. A remodel...

    I am not following your suggestion. A remodel plate would just cover up the large holes. But to use an 8" spacing 2 knob valve would require enlarging the existing holes and possibly risk cracking...
  3. Need to find a 6" OC shower tub valve replacement

    Does anyone know if anyone makes a shower/tub faucet that is on 6" center on the hot and cold knobs?

    We are trying to get an old family home ready for a new tennant and have a problem with a tub...
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    Help with pump/tank for rain cistern

    I am trying to figure out how to easily modify a rainwater cistern to operate similar to a well pump system. Here is what the cistern looks like in place ...
  5. How did Kohler handle the repair?

    When you came across the Kohler toilet that had a similar factory repair, how did they handle the replacement? In my case as the new homeowner without the receipts from the remodeling work done for...
  6. Defective American Standard Colony Toilet - no customer satisfaction

    I just wanted to share with everyone my recent problems with an American Standard Colony toilet. As with everything in a home, everything goes wrong at the same time. While I had the jacuzzi tub...
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    I hate Floodstop hoses

    I will have to agree that the Floodsafe hoses are annoying and I would never use them again. Here is my experience.

    Upon moving into our new home last year, my bro-in-law gave us his washer and...
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    They don't always have to be noisy

    I understand that with this set-up, there will be noise. It is possible to not have any noise, so the statement that a dishwasher's pump will always cause noise is not true. For example, my...
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    Asko dishwasher

    These issues really bother. The builder is dragging it's feet to finish the punch list and I keep finding these small problems. This dishwasher is an Asko brand. I was surprised to hear how noisy...
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    The difference I see in that photo is that the...

    The difference I see in that photo is that the incoming dishwasher drain hose is brought into the vertical tailpipe off the sink basket. I do not follow how that is going to remove the gurgling...
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    Dishwasher gurgling through sink

    I was at my in-laws new lake house and we turned on the dishwasher. I was in another room watching tv and began hearing a loud gurgling noise. I went into the kitchen to discover the noise coming...
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    Rain Cistern Pump

    I am a garden designer and contractor in the Atlanta, GA area. With the past year of heavy drought and massive water restrictions, we have been installing large rain harvesting cisterns for some of...
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