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    Maybe the toilets need to be pulled

    I've seen cases where I can auger or plunge a toilet, and solve the problem. Then the complaint comes back. I've found cotten swabs, tampon cardboards, and plastic straw parts lodged in the toilet...
  2. The application: There's the odd sink drain or...

    The application: There's the odd sink drain or something that requires it. People bring in strange items from Ikea, old stuff, foreign-made products, specialty items. Occasionally there's a need...
  3. 1 1/4" tailpiece washer; also-best compression ring for plastic?

    In my store, we occasionally sell chrome 1 1/4" tailpieces. They're the kind with a little round flange at the top, like is installed in sink drain strainer baskets. I'm trying to find the plastic...
  4. Thread: Shower Spout

    by NBachers

    Screw-on (threaded) types sometimes have cutaways

    I always thought it was to provide drainage, but maybe it's because they can do a production run with the cutaway, and then adapt to either threaded or set-screw type. It sounds like you've got the...
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    I need a Valve spline identifying plate

    I'm looking for a valve spline identifying plate. It's a plate with female valve spline patterns to stick a valve into. It helps identify what brand of valve I have. It also has male valve spline...
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