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  1. Contractor Flashed Windows improperly: How bad is this?

    I told the contractor over many phone calls and emails to follow proper flashing techniques and to use Tyvek System. He agreed in writing. However, I just got the pictures and he completely ignored...
  2. It's yee olde simple baseboard electric. I've...

    It's yee olde simple baseboard electric. I've have already installed a digital programmable thermostat (Honeywell TL8230A1003) on it, but the programming features of it are very limited. It only...
  3. Hooking up 240 VAC relay transformer to 24v thermostat

    I'm doing this so that I can use a modern thermostat and not have to rely on the very limited selection of line-voltage progammable thermostats out there. According to the instructions for the...
  4. Yes, I keep telling him to consult me first that...

    Yes, I keep telling him to consult me first that but it doesn't register. He's very trusting in his old age. If anybody does not believe that there are businesses that take advantage of senior...
  5. Was a $14,000 install of a boiler and indirect overcharge?

    I am just visiting my 88 year father and his caretaker and I found out a local plumbing company in East Brunswick NJ charged him $14,000 to install a Weil McLain Ultra 155K boiler and a 50 gallon...
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    How can I remove the conduit top?

    I need to either get the wires out of this conduit or push the wires futher up as I accidently cut them to short while removing my old water heater which could have been 27 years old.
    I'm not...
  7. cold water going into the hot water line when tank disconnected

    I'm in the process of putting in a new water heater so I have my hot water tank completely removed.
    Now when I run the cold water in my sink, I am seeing some water come out of the hot water intake...
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    Ooops I was confused! LOL The valves in these...

    Ooops I was confused! LOL The valves in these kits are dielectric nipples. That being said I was still intending on putting one on the cold water side only. Thank you for your answers
  9. Is a Thermostatic valve on a new water heater setup important?

    Is putting a thermostatic valve on a new water heater the preferred method now?
    Is this part of the 2009 Uniform code?
    Are these valves adjustable if you feel the water is too cold?
    What about if...
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    Should a Water heater have two check valves?

    I that these kits to install new water heaters have two check vales in them. I understand why you would want a check valve on the cold water side but do I need one on the hot water side too (of...
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