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    AquaDefense over top layer of mud.

    I am currently constructing the mud floor bed for my shower. I have already poured the pre-slope layer of mud (correct slope in place), used AquaDefense and flood tested. I am getting ready to pour...
  2. Thank you JW and HJ for your replies. Both are...

    Thank you JW and HJ for your replies. Both are very helpful.

    You write "a pressure balancing loop would be the to go around the walls or overhead, and in that case I would install that and...
  3. Please help me with bathroom shower plumbing/layout questions!

    I recently tore out my bathroom down to the studs and redoing everything. I'm installing a walk-in shower and have somewhat of idea of how I want the layout of to be. I've had 3 plumbers come and...
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