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    Drip question...emitter tubing

    Can anyone tell me if I can connect 1/4" solid tubing (running to individual emitters) from 1/2" emitter tubing (with holes spaced every 18")? Is it possible to plug holes in the 1/2" emitter tubing...
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    Quality of Drip Irrigation Equipment

    I am getting ready to buy drip irrigation equipment and I am wondering if there is any difference in quality between equipment (tubing, emitters, microsprayers etc) purchased at a hardware store...
  3. Thanks Gary. I actually had Rain Bird do a...

    Thanks Gary. I actually had Rain Bird do a design but they just specified the drip tubing with holes every so many inches in their design. Not sure if that is the best option though.
  4. Best Irrigation System for Beds (Trees/Shrubs/Perennials)

    I am trying to plan a watering system for new beds I created last spring and am contemplating a number of different options. The beds have already been planted with small trees and shrubs (river...
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