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    Interesting. Saw the same thing in Puerto Rico.

    Interesting. Saw the same thing in Puerto Rico.
  2. oh

    Oh, you meant as a permanent replacement. I just figured all new flashings with the new roof so I was just trying to stop the leak for now. I saw the Oatey rings online but thought they were meant...
  3. rain collar

    Thanks, our home stores don't carry them and I can't make it to the plumbers' supply during the day, so at first I made them myself....
  4. Thank you all

    Thank you all for your input and commentary. This is how it is going to look until the fall.

  5. Amazing

    SewerRatz, you are the reason I posted this. Sometimes you just need slapped by a stranger. It IS a 3" pipe.

    I still think a 3-1/2" vent stack would be moronic. Thinking 3-1/2" OD = 3-1/2" Sch...
  6. Do you think a 3-1/2" vent stack is moronic? I do.

    My vent stack roof boot is leaking. I'm guessing it has something to do with a 3" boot over a 3-1/2" vent stack.
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