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  1. I agree

    I agree it is not that simple, and that type of information is what consumers really need. But like I said before, It would be nice to have that type of testing done on many models so a consumer...
  2. Wow, there must be a misunderstanding?

    Terry, you must have misunderstood me. I wasn't talking about your ratings, I was just stating an observation. Actually, I think your website is very informative. I did not find it until after I...
  3. MaP Rating of the Champion

    I noticed last night that there is no more link of the MaP report on Terry's website. I used to be there when I first did my search on toilets. So I googled for the latest update of the report. I...
  4. Ditto

    I thought that I either got lucky or no one else knew how to use the thing. And now they have a new valve, so the toilet will be even better.
  5. I Love my Champion, May Buy Another

    I purchased my Champion toilet from Home Depot in December 2004, after the Mandfeild 3.5gpf toilet that came with my house got clogged for the last time. I spent $275 on it with the seat. My first...
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