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  1. Thanks, Jimbo.

    Thanks, Jimbo.
  2. Ball valve installation with mixed metals

    I am planning to install ball valves in 1/2" cpvc supply lines in my basement. Locally, available ball valves are brass and available male adapters/connectors with cpvc solvent weld capacity are all...
  3. Thank you

    Thanks to all of you for the help.
  4. Thanks, liquidplumber. There is no toilet...

    Thanks, liquidplumber. There is no toilet upstream but there is a bathroom sink and a kitchen sink. Does the rule you mention apply to these?
  5. Thanks

    TS and HJ: Thanks for your responses. TS: To answer your question, this is part of a renovation project. I'm replacing pipes upstream from what I've drawn in order to deal with some drain slope...
  6. Please help - Need advise on trap and venting

    Hello - I have what appears to be an unvented bath trap. Pic shows the current set up and what I'd like to do about it. Depicted plumbing is in my cellar. The bath drains into a 4" horizontal pipe...
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