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  1. composit

    They are made of 80% granite with the rest being essentially a resin or plastic.
  2. thanks

    Thanks for the information. I was just trying to think ahead as to what tools I would need if I had to drill. Contacting Blanco was my next step but I figured it would take a while for them to get...
  3. Drilling knockout for Composite granite sink

    Once again I call upon the vast knowledge of this board to help me out.

    I ordered a Blanco composite granite sink and forgot to have them drill an additional hole next to the center hole it comes...
  4. Replies

    uh oh..

    thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I have cut two of them down already so there is no way they will reach. I can't believe how difficult this has turned out.
  5. Replies

    why the hell won't this work?

    I ordered 4 new Moen bathroom faucets from ****. Yes it was a mistake. My new faucets have 16 inch soft copper feeder lines with no fittings. They are exactly 3/8th outer diameter. If my life...
  6. putting two sinks in place of one..how do I drain

    thanks in advance to anybody that can help.

    I currently have 1 sink in one of my bathrooms with a long countertop. I will be taking out the sink and installing new cabinets with a new 1 piece...
  7. How does the bowl fill on Kohler Rialto?

    Ok so I have a Kohler Rialto one piece that has been in use since about 1999. The previous owners used chlorine tabs in all the toilets and obviously the gasket are crumbly, swelled and the...
  8. Confused about TOTO and Consumer Reports

    Ok so after reading the Consumer Reports article, updated October 03, I thought I had figured out what toilet to purchase.

    After finding this website tonight I am even more confused.

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