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  1. I downloaded Don Sleeth's HVAC-Calc Residential...

    I downloaded Don Sleeth's HVAC-Calc Residential 4.0 and ran it for just my one room.
    It was saying I need 17K + BTU to heat this room per its baseboard heat calculator.
    That seems like a lot to me....
  2. I am really trying to see yur point about the...

    I am really trying to see yur point about the mini-split. The AC advantage is really not applicable, the wife just opens all the windows and she prefers this.
    I am thinking that the price...
  3. Thank you for the info on heat loss calc. I...

    Thank you for the info on heat loss calc.
    I would like to run this past everyone again, as I really think this is my best option, as opposed to radiant floor, electric baseboard, or a 'mini-split'
  4. DIY baseboard hot water heat design help for a single room

    Location: sw Ohio
    Sunroom, 22' x 16'
    Windows: Seven (7) Polaris Thermaweld double hung, double pane, low-e glass, 36" x 52"
    Doors; One (1) steel full lite, 36 x 80, one (1) double patio steel...
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    Hot water baseboard questions

    Well, bought a house that has a finished, three-season room, about 20x26, two exterior doors, seven windows, western exposure here in sw Ohio...floor will be laminate or wood. The wife says, "Make it...
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    thanks to everyone with the replies and advice....

    thanks to everyone with the replies and advice. After looking at the motor on the compressor and calling around, I think that replacing the motor is just not the best option here.
    Soooo, looks like...
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    thanks for all the great replies ! If the motor...

    thanks for all the great replies ! If the motor could be converted to 110v, is that something I (average DIY) could do? And if it could be done, would the normal 110 circuit to the garage (15 or 20...
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    converting air compressor 220v motor to 110?

    Just moved to a new place...moved my fairly large Sears upright 60 gal air compressor to the new garage and just noticed that there is no 220 in the garage, only 110 outlets. Checked my panel for the...
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    well tank recommendations

    Thinking about replacing my old well tank. Which seems to be better, bladder type or diaphragm type?
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    Sealaing material around a dryer duct

    Going to move my dryer duct outlet over a few inches, it passes thru the interior wall and thru the brick exterior to a standard dryer vent/flange. Was thinking about sealing up the gap around the 4"...
  11. Suggestions as to what this equipment is ???

    Wife and I are getting closer to closing on house with this system in the mechanical closet. I did not get a chance to get any info off of the control heads, but was wondering if you experts might be...
  12. Connecting a portable generator to home main panel

    Have started looking into the possibility of having a portable generator available to run a few circuits in the house in case of power outage. I understand the need for the manual transfer switch,...
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    Use concrete floor paint on foundation?

    I have a brick ranch on a slab foundation with 2 rows of concrete blocks exposed all around the house at the base of the walls. Am trying to decide on an easy, inexpensive way to treat these concrete...
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    Bath exhaust fan venting

    The geniuses that built my house connected the exhaust fans in both of my bathrooms to the cold air return tubes in my attic space. Is it ok to do that? Does not seem right to me.

    I would like to...
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    Routing pressure relief valve line

    I am wondering about the best method to route the drain line attached to the temp&press relief valve in my water heater. My current heater is in the middle of the house, in a laundry closet that has...
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    odd size drip pans

    I have a strange location for my water heater that requires a maximum size drip pan of 21 inches square or 21 inches diameter. That's all I got. Anyone know if there is something that size out there?...
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    bending pex around corner in 2x4 wall

    OK, I would like to run some pex inside an interior 2x4 stud wall, I need to turn two corners. I wonder, can 1/2" pex be safely snaked around the corner inside the drywall (assuming the holes in the...
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    transporting a new water heater

    noob question....why does the box on a new water heater say NOT to lay the heater on its side? is it constructed in such a way inside the tank that something could get broken if it was laid over?
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    I was kind of planning on just butting the tiles...

    I was kind of planning on just butting the tiles up together and not using any kind of grout. just clean it with some glass cleaner or kitchen cleaner that is safe for your appliances.
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    stainless tiles for backsplash

    Was wondering if anyone has any experience, good or bad, with the stainless steel tiles I have been seeing. Have been overhauling the kitchen, was going to go with a custom cut size single piece of...
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    I am currently overhauling my water heater/wash...

    I am currently overhauling my water heater/wash room area and am in the market for a new water heater. Granted, i have had no problems with my "insert some 15 year old no-name water heater brand...
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    square, not round, water heater drip pan

    Was wondering if anyone has seen a square water heater drip pan, instread of the round ones? Most of the round drip pans I have seen are like 24" in diameter. This does not work for where my old...
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    which air finish nailer to buy?

    I have never owned or used any of the pneumatic tools for carpentry, just the air tools that you would use on cars...

    I would like to buy an air powered finish nailer, something to use on base and...
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    Newb question...washer outlet box drains

    Setup...currently have a washer outlet box with center supply and two drains, one on each side of the center supply. However, builder only hooked up left side drain down to p-trap and into drain/vent...
  25. Sooo, plumbers putty instead of silicone? I think...

    Sooo, plumbers putty instead of silicone? I think the instructions with the basket says plumbers putty, but I thought it tended to dry out and crack?
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