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  1. Thank you Gary!

    I will try that.
  2. Ok, is this the control valve?

    Thanks Gary,
    Here are a couple more pics. Sorry, I was not sure what you wanted for the control valve pic. Does this help?
  3. Would this be the control valve?

    Thanks for the help Gary! The thing the repair guy removed was from below the cap labeled .45 GPM. It was a cylinder shaped piece of plastic with a tiny oriafice.

    The softener has a float, but it...
  4. Culligan Medalist Softener Brine Refill Cycle

    Hello, I am trying to get more water into my brine tank. I already had the repair guy come out to fix this once. He removed a tiny valve in the top of the refill tube (said it does not need this). It...
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