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    Choosing new water softener


    My contractor suggest me to buy a water softener because my water is too "hard". I am looking for Kenmore 300 Series Water Softener or Whirlpool 30000-Grain Water Softener, so i'd like...
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    Hi Terry, Thank you for your attention. I...

    Hi Terry,

    Thank you for your attention. I will talk again with my contractor, yes... it's rocking a little bit I'm not sure if it's normal, because the rest of the house has a grout around the...
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    seal or not around the bottom of the toilet?

    I recently replace my toilet and I was wonder if I should seal around the bottom? My contractor told me that I don't have to seal because he already install the wax ring, but I would like to have a...
  4. So, do you think if I re-install I new cartridge...

    So, do you think if I re-install I new cartridge the problem will be resolved? The shower is caped now, so I can have water in the unit.
  5. Advice please on Delta single hande shower faucet

    Hi Folks,

    I have a huge problem know and I'd like some advice and suggestions. I remodeled the bathroom and since they install a new Delta system shower ( shower head and handler) I have problem...
  6. Delta 142913 - Problem: Water keep running even when its off

    I recently remodeled the bathroom. After 02 days using the new shower, I got my first problem. The water keeps running even when its off, but don't leaking... running like its on.

    So, I called a...
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