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  1. I have the same "skid mark" problem and I...

    I have the same "skid mark" problem and I consider it a real negative. When I bought the toilet I was advised by the salesperson at the plumbing supply store to buy a "regular" seat, rather than the...
  2. Delta And All That Plastic

    When I went in to check out Delta trims I got a stern warning about all the plastic they are now using compared to Santex (more expensive)(and also Porta for faucet) and how over time hot water and...
  3. Redo Tub/Shower

    Thanks for all the good advice!

    I found a Delta model trim I like the look of for the shower/tub (583-SSWF) and for vanity faucet (T14478-SSLHP). I like the style of the Am. Standard (Reliant 3...
  4. Redo Tub/Shower

    With your help I’m getting somewhere! Thanks.

    The difference between R10000-UNBX and R10000-UNWS [“with safety stops”]?

    Can I use any brand trim with the R10000—Delta, Moen, Price Pfister, Am....
  5. Would I be wise to totally redo my tub/shower plumbing?

    I am fixing up my tub/shower in my late 40s house as inexpensively as is reasonable. I had planned to keep the tub and use low cost tile. I am a total novice and I called a plumber to see what he...
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    Re: High-efficiency toilets are the way to go

    In that Toronto Star article it says: "There is a limit – 3.8 litres (per flush) is probably the lowest we'll get," says Gauley. "You still have to get the matter down the drain line and our tests...
  7. New TOTO Eco Drake toilet

    Hi Kerry,
    I’ve only had it a few days so all I can say is so far so good. You’re right that the Eco Drake is not a dual flush.
    It sounds like the salesman you talked to was a little sketchy on the...
  8. My Eco Drake Installed

    My Eco Drake is installed and since I can’t really compare it with anything (it replaced a 1951 American Standard model) I will just give my initial impressions.

    It is an ADA height elongated...
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    Help Deciding

    Jblu, I've ordered an Eco Toto which will be delivered next week, but since I am re-doing the flooring, it won't be installed at least for a couple of weeks. They became available (in the Northern...
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    Thanks for the response, Terry. I agree, it...

    Thanks for the response, Terry.
    I agree, it sure doesn’t make any sense that the Eco Drake, which just came out, was tested (900 MaP) by Mar. 27, 2007, even tho’ it is listed as Drake EL, does it?...
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    I've done some poking around the web

    • Very similar to the highly esteemed Drake 1.6. Flush valve difference pictured: http://www.totousa.com/admin/upload/pdfspc/s-cst744el-no.pdf...
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    Toto E-Max Flushing System

    Has anyone had experience with the Eco Drake or the E-Max Flushing System? Do you know how it compares with the G-Max System?

    I'd love to use less water, but does it work OK or I'm I asking for...
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