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    Installing a toilet Help

    I've got my old toilet off and getting ready to install my new ultramax. I have the old toilet out and the existing flange looks to be in good shape and the top is just above finished floor...
  2. I'll look for that information. Thanks. From...

    I'll look for that information. Thanks.

    From looking at the drawings, if the toilet is 11 13/16" wide, that gives me about 5 3/8 to the edge of the skirt, which I don't think will give me enough...
  3. Toto skirted toilets and existing waterline location

    We are planning to replace our old toilets and when I was taking measurements, discovered that the waterline is 6" from the existing toilet centerline and 4 1/2" above finished floor. We would like...
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    Thanks for the replies. So, it sounds like I...

    Thanks for the replies. So, it sounds like I shouldn't really worry about any of the toto's being a disappointment. I'm trying to stay with the water sense toilets to qualify for a local water rebate...
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    Toto EcoNexus / Maris / 1.0 gpf Drake 2


    We are in process of replacing some of our old 3.7 gpf toilets with 1.28 gpf (or less) and have been looking at the EcoNexus and Maris (like the skirted styles for cleaning) and was...
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