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    New Boiler Recomendation

    Ford or Chevy?? I have a 20 y/o Weil that I want to replace in the next year. Considering 90% effcient that cost middle of the road. Any preferences.. My weil is going 20 years so I consider that a...
  2. Help ..no bites in waterheater formum

    I posted this question in WH forum but no comments. Figured I try over here...Wondering if there's anyone with the same expirence and should I be worried....

  3. Circulator pump but boiler does not fire

    Hi...I live in a split ranch with 3 zoned hydro heat. When i call for heat in zone 1, same level the boiler is on, the boiler doesn't fire but circulates. When I can call for heat in zone 2 and 3,...
  4. AO Smith Vertex Condensate Loop Question

    I had an AO Smith Vertex (GPHE 50) installed a couple ago weeks ago by a buddy who is a plumber. About week after installation I was checking the condensate loop off the Vent Attenuation...
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