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    Hole in Bottom of Toto Drake -- Defective?

    I purchased a second Toto Drake for my hall bath and prior to installing noticed a small hole on the bottom of the bowl. There was no similar hole in the bottom of my Toto I installed previously. ...
  2. I did it!

    Ok, so I got the master bath toilet installed, and it seems fine :D

    The hall bath was a little different and I have one last question. The plumber had two wax rings in there--one without a funnel...
  3. Only slightly confused

    My Toto was missing the right front point of contact and you couldn't tighten the tank enough to meet the back POC, so the tank would move if you sat back against it. Thanks for the advice so far! I...
  4. Need help installing Toto using extra thick wax ring

    I was lucky enough to purchase a defective Toto Drake bowl the other week and had to buy a new one yesterday. My plumber of course is going to be charging me again if I want him to do the install,...
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