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  1. Icing

    Thanks! I had it upright for about 5 days before the tech came to look at it and we started it up.

    It is 39 out now and it is icing up a little on the bottom two rows of fins.
  2. Update!

    So we had a tech come look at the system 3 weeks ago. I had turned the unit upright and unbent some of the side panels. I didn't turn on the system though.
    When the tech came he turned the system to...
  3. Vandalized & Beaten AC Compressor - Has anyone seen this before?

    We live in a 5 unit condo. Each unit has a separate HVAC system and the compressors for 3 of the units are out back in an alley. Last week someone tipped over all 3 units onto their sides and it...
  4. Shutoff switch

    Thanks for replying Jim!

    Is there some sort of cut-off switch that would be triggered to protect the compressor? The return line was completely severed so there would be no pressure on that line....
  5. Broken Heat Pump Liquid Return Line, Repair or Replace Heat Pump

    Hi, I am a new condo owner looking for some advice. There is a little bit of a back story. We just moved into a condo in Washington DC. It has a 2 ton American Standard heat pump system that was...
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