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    Thanks so much for the time and great advice. I...

    Thanks so much for the time and great advice.
    I was looking at the Rinnai 98i initially, and was not aware of Noritz brand.
    We're switching from (believe it or not) an 80 gal electric tank. We...
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    Need a powerful tankless/Washington DC

    I am switching to tankless and would like reccomendations on the best for us.
    Only 2 of us will be using but we have a 100 gallon tub and the shower is very high flow (no restrictor, high output,...
  3. Need extra high toilet for extra tall husband

    Hi, My husband and I are renovating our bathroom and we have an unusual situation. He is (a former NBA basketball player) is 6'11', and has pretty worn out knees. The ADA height toilets are just too...
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