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    Transitioning from 1/2" EMT to 3/4" RNMC

    I have 1/2" EMT attached to the side of a house which comes down the wall into a weatherproof box with a receptacle. A 3/4" RNMC comes up from the ground next to the house, up the wall and into the...
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    Fan on non-fan rated box

    I took down a ceiling fan to inspect how it was installed. What I found is a 4" square box with a fixture mud ring (Similar to a RACO 756). According to what I've found online, a mud ring like that...
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    Moen Kitchen Faucet Leaking on 3 Hole Sink

    Just installed a Moen kitchen faucet (model 87666) on a sink with three holes. The escutcheon & gasket kit was used to cover each extra hole on either side of the faucet. Tightened down everything...
  4. Thread: Air Gap Hose

    by kornbln

    Air Gap Hose

    I'd like to connect the 7/8" ID air gap hose to my garbage disposal using a right-angle elbow. Do they make something that would work for this application? The current hose has to make such a sharp...
  5. I used metal boxes. You probably wont find the...

    I used metal boxes.

    You probably wont find the metal divider plate at a big box store. I had to go to an electrical supply house for that.

    For an old work application, you could use the Raco...
  6. Taylor, I did something similar recently...


    I did something similar recently involving mixed voltages in a metal box. I brought 3/4" ENT into a 3/4" knockout in the box and attached it using a Carlon threaded adapter (A243E) with a...
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