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    Need Advice on Cleaning Water Line Stain

    Plumbers, Homeowners, Bathroom Cleaners -
    This is not actually a plumbing problem, but I need help. We are moving our Toto Promenade upstairs to the guest room and installing a new Clayton in the...
  2. I'm getting the Clayton

    Terry -
    I just wanted to thank you for your advice. I decided to follow it and not order a toilet from the web as you really know your plumbing and toilets.
    I'm getting the Clayton from a Toto...
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    Where did you order the toilet from?

    I knew I had read that someone ordered a Toto off the internet and that it had arrived safely. It sounds like you were happy with the place you ordered from. Did you have any problems? What...
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    Mikey - How did you do with the toilet

    Mickey -
    Did you receive the toilet yet? Did it arrive okay? What website did you order it from? Did you install it and how is it working? I'm thinking of ordering one from the web and my...
  5. Want traditional style ADA/comfort height toilet with good bowl wash

    I am looking for a traditional sytle toilet with good bowl wash, preferably one that is ADA or comfort height.
    I currently have a Toto Promenade (purchased in 2002). It is in their lowest...
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